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Viktor Labsky - Trips out of Civilization
Viktor Labsky - Trips out of Civilization
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  • 5,95
Trips out of Civilization is comprised of five original thrillers, all packed with action, sudden twists and psychological revelations "The Crossbow" takes place in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, far away from tourists and beaten paths "A Mathematically Precise Curve" invites the reader to the most spectacular part of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta "Arawak" offers an unusual adventure on an uninhabited island in the Bahamian Archipelago "Lynx" is staged in the wilderness of Northern Quebec "Trio" unfolds as a fly-in trip from Vancouver, deep in one almost unexplored region of British Columbia All these stories have several features in common – a rich cast of characters is searching for real, still untamed Nature, fights for survival, reflects on living conditions of our age, explores our instincts in extreme situations, when human and animal worlds collide Nature, pure and crisp, because not tainted by civilization, becomes a catalyst and an active player in human dramas
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